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Flatpack Container Houses

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Flatpack Container Houses

Shanghai Steelfashion is Folding Container Houses manufacturer and suppliers in china, specialized in the research, development and production of Folding Container Houses.
This is the description of Flatpack Container Houses
Shanghai Steelfashion is Folding Container Houses manufacturer and suppliers in china, specialized in the research, development and production of Folding Container Houses.


Folding container house is concept of foldable container house, is a kind of container-structure prefab house. Usually this house is formed by container-size unit and can be grouped flexibly. It is standard designed, industrialized produced and with long life span. It can be fast installed and rapidly moved, easily transferred and repeatedly used. It has low requirement for the foundation treatment and can adept to the environment easily.

You could make your container house to be a warm and cozy home.Hot trend of home delivery container fulfill the wishes of many designs: the simple life, reduce clutter, become aware of the environment, build homes on a budget and an opportunity to do something totally modern and different that makes your neighbors' jaws drop.

But there is another practical aspect to stay home shipping containers. your home fire resistant and low-maintenance.

2. Introduction:

Shanghai Steelfashion Industrial Co.,ltd is one of the leading China container house manufacturers and suppliers.

We export folding containers,prefabricated container,modular houses,steel structure building,wall panel,roof panels,sandwich boards..etc to over 10 countries and areas.

Such expandable container can be use to be container shop,temporary offices, removable home,removable buildings,motel,villa..etc.

Foldable house can also be made by multi containers

Welcome to buy cheap and good container houses to be your ware home.

3. Folding container characteristics:

3.1. Fast moved and rapidly used.(4~8 unit can be folded into 1 20’’/40’’shipping container)

3.2. Reasonable design, stable and reliable.

3.3. Durable with life span of over 50 years.

3.4. Beautiful and elegant appearance.

3.5. Commodious and comfortable space inside, suitable for habitation and office.

3.6. With separate bathroom unit, convenient and comfortable.



I Bottom    
I.1 subfloor (A) SS400-HDG   50 KG
I.2 insu. Material   t90*380*2220 1 PCS
I.3 PS Board  floor Fiber cement BOARD  t18*1220*2220 5 PCS
I.4 pvc floor PVC t2*2000*2200 15 m2
I.5 bottom side rail SS400-HDG t3*2120*5700 1 set
I.6 cross member SS400-HDG t2.0X40x80*2165 130 KG
I.7 corner casting     4  
I.8 connection     4 pc
I.9 RIVET SUS304   70  
I.10 ST5.5X90, tapping screw SS400-HDG   94  
I.11 M12-GB6170, screw nut SS400-HDG   16  
I.12 paint (primer&top coat)     1  
I.13 auxiliary material     1  
II Roof    
II.1 steel flat thickness:2mm   2 set
II.2 steel angle thickness:4mm 40mm*40mm*5730mm 1 set
II.3 square tube thcknes:2mm 40mm*20mm*2120mm 7 set
II.4 insu. Material ASBESTOS   rockwool t90*380*2220 1 PCS
II.5 roof wall 0.5mm   color steel t0.5x1200x5840 55 KG
II.6 insu. roof wall Rockwool 2330mm*1150mm 4.5 set
II.7 bottom side rail SS400-HDG t3*2090*5700 1 set
II.8 retain channel SS400-HDG  t3*40*180 18 PCS
II.9 corner casting galvanizing steel   4 set
II.10 Angle fitting     4 set
II.11 paint (primer & top coat)     1  
II.12 M12-GB6170, screw nut SS400-HDG   24  
II.13 auxiliary material     1  
II.14 sealant SILICONE   10 set
III Wall    
III.1 insu. side wall ASBESTOS rockwool   14 set
III.2 corner post SS400-HDG hot   galvanizing t4*550*2520 4 set
III.3 paint (primer & top coat)     1  
III.4 drain pipe PVC t3.5*48*2550 4 PCS
III.5 pressing plate SS400-HDG t3*130*300 18 KG
III.6 M12X25, screw bolt SS400-HDG   32 PCS
III.7 flat washer SS400-HDG    32 PCS
III.8 spring washer     32 PCS
III.9 sealant SILICONE   5 PCS
III.10 M8      36 PCS
III.11 M8X25, screw bolt SS400-HDG   36 PCS
III.12 flat washer SS400-HDG   36 PCS
III.13 spring washer     36 PCS
III.14 decorating parts PVC5.9m   1 set
III.15 Alu  window 800*1100   2 set
III.16 Alu door(A) 830*2030   1 set
III.17 packaging     1 set
III.18 electrical system     1 set
This is the description of Flatpack Container Houses
This is the description of Flatpack Container Houses
This is the description of Flatpack Container Houses


We have a wealth of business experience. We provide satisfactory products and services to our customers around the world. Our products include Flatpack Container Houses,Flatpack Container Houses,container buildings,container home,shipping container buildings,shipping container cabin Please contact us.

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