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Steel Structure Hospital

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Steel Structure Hospital

Shanghai Steelfashion is a professional manufacturer and suppliers that is concerned with the design, development and production of Steel Structure Hospital
This is the description of Steel Structure Hospital
Shanghai Steelfashion is a professional manufacturer and suppliers that is concerned with the design, development and production of Steel Structure Hospital

1. Brief:

A country or a region's economic strength and economic development level is marked by “The volume of steel structure building”

Steel structure is the third generation construction.It combines H section and c/z section into the frame with the profiled steel sheet or sandwich panel as the wal and roof.

The traditional reinforced concrete construction has aready been taken place by this kind of construction in developed contries.

It has many excellent charateristics such as light weight, larger span, less marerial, low cost, less foundation, short building cycle, safe, beautiful, ect.

It is widely used in single industrial factory,warehouse,business construction, office, parking lots, residence,shopping mall,hospital,university,schools and so on.

It can be produced as a steel structure warehouse,steel structure house,steel structure school,hospital,steel structure packing,mall,hotel,temporary house,temporary working area,show room,dormitory building..etc


2. Freature of steelstructure hospitals: 

1. The steel structure weight is lighter

2. The working reliability of the steel structure is higher

3. Steel (earthquake) of vibration resistance, good impact resistance

4. The steel structure manufacture high degree of industrialization

5. The steel structure can be quickly and accurate assembly

6. Steel structure and interior space

7. Easy to seal structure

8. The steel structure is easy to corrosion

9. The steel structure fire resistance is poor

10. The steel structure can be recycled

11. Steel structure construction period is shorter


3. Technical Parameters of SteelStructural medicine centre:

3.1. Main Steel Structure: Use build-up steel column, welded H-beam steel

3.2. Purlin: C/Z-type steel

3.3. Roop panel: Single steel sheet or sandwich panel

3.4. Wall panel: The same to roof panel

3.5. Tie bar: Welded-round tube

3.6. Brace: Round steel

3.7. Column brace and lateral brace: Angle steel

3.8. Crane: 3T-30T

3.9. Angle brace: Hot-rolled angle steel

3.10. Edge: Color plate

3.11. Gutter: Stainless steel

3.12. Down pipe: PVC Pipe

3.13. Door: Sandwich-panel door or Rolling door

3.14. Window: Aluminum alloy window or PVC window 


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