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(6) indoor partition and goods display

(7) the commercial truck and container truck body

(8)buses, trains, subways, and rail transport vehicles

(9)aluminum honeycomb panel partition: the emergence of aluminum honeycomb panel partition, broke the previous traditional partition model, with its noble, pure and fresh, stylish style, won the, high-grade office space in the share of the market.

4. Performance advantage of metal composite boards

(1) fire: aluminum plate as non-combustible material.

(2) corrosion resistance, aluminum honeycomb panel is epoxy fluorocarbon treatment on the surface, strong corrosion resistance.Salt fog spray 48 hours without pinhole, crack, no bubbles.

(3) environmental protection: products, pure aluminum honeycomb panel belongs to non-volatile any harmful gases, no radioactive and can be completely recycled, absolutely environmentally friendly products.

(4) aluminum honeycomb panel is easy to dismantle the assembly, and will not hurt bad plank.Due to its light weight, easy to transport solid can be shipped to a different place repeat use.This is the other partition board can't match with them.

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