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2.3)structure design, detail design,computer simulation,factory, construction site installation,etc. With small time synchronization.

2.4)profile after galvanizing, coating and anticorrosion, nice appearance is beneficial to reduce palisade and decorate cost.

2.5)easy to expand the column spacing and provide greater space space.

2.6)wide scope of application of new wall materials, extensive use of daylighting, ventilated condition is good.

2.7)indoor plumbing electrical line all hidden in the walls and floors, flexible layout,modify convenience.

2.8) house can move, all materials can be recycled will not result in a waste, in accordance with sustainable development strategy.

3. Application of light weight steel:

3.1 Lightweight steel floor systems

Wall-to-wall directional beaverboard or high density wood laminated plywood.On these lightweight floor load can withstand 316 ~ 316 kilograms per square meter.

3.2 The vertical wall structure

This wall structure arrangement, can be effective and reliable delivery under vertical load, and the arrangement is convenient, but the wall structure cannot bear horizontal load.

3.3 Thermal insulation construction technology

Fill glass fiber between floor joists, minimize heat transfer through the floor;All interior wall posts are filled between the glass fiber, reduce the heat transfer between the household wall.

3.4 Building fire prevention technology

in order to achieve an hour fire prevention requirements, in the wall between the wall and floor joists between pillars fill glass fiber for fire prevention and heat transfer also play a positive role in protecting.

3.5 Building sound insulation technology

made the following structure: for the ledger wall with two wall columns with a gap between two walls;For the fixed plasterboard condole with small keel, with flexible structure that has a small slot cutting to effectively reduce the solid sound propagation between floors


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