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Activities of the thermal insulation properties of the room depends on the selection of plates

2017-11-13 10:05:38

Nowadays, the activity room in the construction industry has been particularly popular, such housing can provide construction workers with a place to rest, to ensure that workers get a good rest, thereby further improving work efficiency. Since the activity rooms are generally outdoors, the "cold and hot summer" is the best time to test the quality of the activities of the thermal insulation properties depends on the selection of its plates:
Activities of the main building board is a kind of color steel sandwich panels insulation materials, splicing of these building materials, the activities of the board room has a thermal insulation function, and from the activities of the board selection, the most used is Rock wool sandwich color plate, foam sandwich color plate, but there are other, such as Caigang composite panels, polyurethane color plates, etc., these materials also make the choice of activities have become more diversified.

metal tile roof

But also from the current market conditions, the current main use of insulation materials, or tend to have a flame retardant effect of materials, such as rock wool color plate, polyurethane color plate, and these materials, but also to a certain extent, to ensure the color The safety of the steel plate reduces the hidden danger of the fire in the movable plate house and further ensures the safe use of the prefabricated house.

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