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Container remodeling housing matters needing attention

2017-11-14 17:39:10

Container size
The largest container inside the length, width and height dimensions. The height is the lowest distance from the floor of the box to the ceiling of the box, the width is the distance between the two inner linings, and the length is the distance between the inner side of the box door and the inner lining of the end wall. It determines the maximum size of the container and the contents of the container.
Internationally used dry containers are:

1. External dimensions are 20x8x8 feet 6 inches, referred to as 20 feet container (inner diameter: 5898 * 2352 * 2390mm);
2.40x8x8 feet 6 inches, referred to as 40 feet container (diameter: 12024 * 2352 * 2390mm); and the more used 40x8x9 feet 6 inches, referred to as 40 feet high cabinet.
45 feet high cabinet: The content of volume: 13.58x2.34x2.68 meters, delivery gross weight is generally 29 tons, the volume is 86 cubic meters.
20 feet open top cabinet: The content of 5.89x2.32x2.31 meters, delivery gross weight 20 tons, volume 31.5 cubic meters.
40 feet open top cabinet: the content of 12.01x2.33x2.15 m, distribution gross weight of 30.4 tons, the volume of 65 cubic meters.
20-foot flat-bottomed container: the content of 5.85x2.23x2.15 meters, delivery gross weight 23 tons, volume 28 cubic meters.
40-foot flat-bottomed container: content of 12.05x2.12x1.96 meters, distribution gross weight of 36 tons, volume 50 cubic meters

Flatpack Container House

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Container transformation housing advantages
First, the transportation is convenient, especially for the regular replacement of the construction site;
Second, durable, all made of steel, with strong seismic, anti-deformation ability;
Third, the sealing performance is good, strict manufacturing process to make this activity room has a good watertightness;
Fourth, the activity room based on the standard steel chassis above, you can derive a lot of combination of space. Such as conference rooms, dormitories, kitchen, bathroom and so on. The standard width of 2.4 meters, height of 2.2 meters, a length of 4 meters to 12 meters.
Fifth, easy disassembly, superior performance, stable and strong, shockproof performance, waterproof fire and corrosion, light weight. Housing for the overall structure, there are frames, walls of steel, wood veneer available, the overall migration, the service life of up to 20 years.

Container remodeling housing matters needing attention
First, pay attention to fire prevention
Fire is a frequent occurrence on the current construction site. If you use a container of foam color steel, then you should pay attention to fire prevention.
1, please do not near the wall welding construction;
2, winter heating stove should be equipped with fire safety devices;
3, the need for waterproofing container houses, non-use of the torch on the housing materials;
4, the laying of indoor lines should be used metal pipe, should be grounded or used refractory pipe. Another need to wear through the wall when the casing should be added for protection;
Second, the ground fixed
Color steel container activities due to the weight of steel than the whole structure, in the face of 8 gale, it may be the wind, there may be dangerous, experts suggest that the use of colored steel containers should be built and Caigang Like the room, there is a fixed bottom device. Inland areas are not serious, but in our coastal cities, typhoons are often attacked and the activities of container houses must be fixed.
Third, forbid three
We often see on the site, there are three layers of color steel room, but for color steel container activity room, due to the texture is relatively light, really three container houses stacked together, there may be a big security risk .

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