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European Fabricated passive home | nyberg villa

2017-09-29 10:46:39

In the time of day, from one room to another room to be able to experience the different scenery and sunlight conditions.Open to lake sitting room and kitchen, bedroom and bathroom this more private area in the other side of the house, and a smaller window can see the scenery of the forest.

House is covered with pine board, then after drying can be gray like the surrounding forest.Roof covered with zinc powder in the roof of the second floor balcony can see the natural beauty of the lake and the surrounding.The line of buildings along the slope and the natural inclination of photograph echo.In the end, the natural vegetation will be around in his own way on the edge of the building, "relax" in landscape architecture.Residential interior, by contrast, bright and neutral style, more emphasis on the colour of the furniture.

As a passive house, nyberg villa is an excellent heat insulation construction, energy is mainly provided by the existing energy, these energy is mainly produced by the body heat and household equipment.Circular house can also eliminate the cold bridge, and reduce the area of the walls of the house, reducing heat loss at the same time.We can wear simulation shows that this house for a year only 25 KWH/m2 heating energy consumption.In this kind of passive houses, air tightness is an important factor of reducing heat loss.When nyberg villa in the air tightness test, hit a new record for the Swedish - 50 pa under pressure is 0.038 l/sm2.Sweden's passive air-tightness standard is 0.3, while the previous record was 0.07


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