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How to extend the service life of steel structure

2017-11-20 16:29:53

With the increasing use of steel structures in buildings, people are not only concerned about the aesthetic appearance of steel structures, but also their practicality and service life, despite the added color to our city.
It is well known that the life span of typical reinforced concrete structures is about 60 years and that of brick-concrete structures is about 50 years. So what is the service life of steel structure? From the technical data analysis, the durability of steel is very good, the use of 100 years is not a problem, many European steel construction close to a century, such as the French Eiffel Tower. However, due to various reasons, resulting in 50-100 years of service life of steel structures, in order to extend the service life of steel structures, small steel structure now summarizes the 4 Notes.

1. Material: All steel structure is made of steel, the strength of the steel mainly by the size of the force and the nature of the force.
2. Welding: The first is the high temperature will change the nature of the steel composition, the second is likely to cause damage to the weldment.
3. Corrosion: corrosion not only causes uneven corrosion of steel surface, and local corrosion caused by stress concentration, leading to early destruction of steel, especially in the repeated impact of the load, but also to promote the fatigue strength decreased brittle fracture. Steel corrosion caused huge losses, only effective protection of it to ensure the long life of steel, anti-corrosion coating is a commonly used protection.
4. Maintenance: Steel construction in use, from time to time overhaul, this will greatly enhance the service life. Under normal circumstances, the corrosion depth of steel corrosion 0.4MM every 10 years, so we must pay attention to environmental conditions and maintenance issues.
5. It is also important to choose a steel structure company.

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