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Wood structure huts moisture good helper - breathing paper

2017-08-30 15:58:12

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, light huts also entered the ordinary residents of the home, so that people began to live in the wooden structure of the house, then the wooden structure of the house moisture problems also followed, and some people for it Of the moisture problem doubly doubts, in this, we have a wooden structure of the moisture problem to do a explanation; light wood structure of the wall force anytime, anywhere has an air circulation system, there are external equipment, there are inherent material handling, that Is the breath paper. So what is the breath paper?
Breath paper is foreign (DuPont) called in the country, also known as Dike waterproof breathable film, is the use of special new polymer materials, the material surface has a very small microporous structure, the smallest diameter of about 0.02 mm, and water vapor The diameter of the molecule is only 0.0000004 mm, the diameter of the two has a huge difference, according to the principle of concentration gradient difference diffusion, water vapor can pass freely through the micropores, and liquid water and water droplets because of its surface tension can not pass the breath paper material, Paper excellent waterproof performance and permeability.
Breathing paper is mainly used for wood structure and steel structure and other building protection foundation, breathing paper with excellent waterproof performance, tightly covered in the building periphery, to protect the building from rain erosion, effectively guarantee the construction life.


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Breathing paper is a high-tech research success, its performance is to make the wall within the environmental humidity generated by the smooth discharge of water outside the wall, so that external water vapor through the breath of paper refused to enter, but the air can be through the breath paper Inside and outside the wall flow, the formation of a virtuous circle, so that wooden structure within the wall to maintain a dry environment, to prevent moisture, so that the wooden structure of the use of extended wooden; this is only out of the security barrier.
The toughness and resistance of the breath paper is very strong, its surface and the back of a different design elements, its function is not the same; the surface appears smooth band without oil, play a barrier function, the back surface will be small Groove, play a penetration function; breathing paper toughness and resistance to a very strong, although only a piece of paper thickness, want to tear it can not be so easy, and will not be deformed; breathing paper used in light wood The interior of the wall and the roof; its pull-off function can be in the huts by external forces (earthquakes, windy weather) can play a certain stability, and not easily torn, resulting in loss of performance.
Breath paper can provide the best water and air isolation and water vapor through the balance of regulation, he can reduce the external water vapor into the cracks in the wall of the opportunity, and at the same time to make the building inside the moisture to escape from the wall To avoid the mold and condensate in the wall and the roof of the generation, to ensure the effectiveness of insulation materials play, so as to achieve energy conservation, improve the role of building durabili

In addition, enhanced breath paper (W5, R8): able to withstand the invasion of the hurricane, while providing excellent waterproof and steam performance and tear resistance, suitable for hurricane and extreme weather areas, but also suitable for roof use. Breathing paper is a modern intelligent and sustainable building materials, breath paper building protection system helps to improve energy efficiency, improve air quality and enhance overall comfort, and its manufacturing process also contributes to environmental sustainability, Build the best and most excellent material for the building that will breathe.(Stone Coated Roofing Tile)

 So, the breath paper for the wood structure of the moisture played a better role, it can make the wood structure inside the wall to maintain a dry environment, to prevent its moisture, to extend the wood structure of the life of the huts. This makes the wooden structure of the wooden house covered with a layer of wind and rain do not worry about the coat, making the wooden structure of the performance of the huts better.(Flatpack Container House)

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